About me

Before I could write, I would pretend that I could. I must have wasted countless pieces of papers scribbling nonsense, but I felt that drive from a very early age. Fast forward many years, and I am still a scribbler except that now my scribbles make sense…I hope. Captivated by Nancy Drew, Beverly Gray, and Cherry Ames in elementary school, I soon moved on to Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, and Amelia Peabody. When the mystery genre grabbed hold of me, it never let go. I still read far more than I write, but how can I not when Mary Russell, Didius Falco, Richard Jury, and Thursday Next exist? But I consider my decades of mystery reading to be a master class that will help my sleuth, Jill Cooksey, bring fun and suspense to my own readers.

It may sound like I have spent my life reading (and I have), but I have also spent twenty years as a classroom teacher and, before that, several years in film, television, and public relations. While my own adventures in media are behind me, they provide inspiration for those of my characters.

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