The author in limbo

What do you do when your book is not yet published but everyone is telling you to put yourself out there? Why? Why would anyone want to know about an English teacher with an unpublished novel? Could there be a bigger cliché?

Yet here I am creating my “author platform” and hoping to connect with potential readers. The work is really fun (designing web sites, creating social media accounts, working up a newsletter) as long as my mind doesn’t wander to the publishing problem. I am stuck in publishing limbo, wondering whether to indie publish or to keep querying agents and publishers, and, in the meantime, I keep writing and creating the tools of a fabulous writing career, living on faith that one day they’ll be put to good use.

I know that I’m not alone. We limbo dwellers are everywhere, at writing groups, book clubs, workshops, and conventions. One day we will be released from limbo, but we have to release ourselves. That’s why we keep writing books that may never be read and web sites that may never be visited. It’s only our own efforts that will take us where we want to go. The faith must be in ourselves.


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